At 26 gestational weeks, after an amniocentesis and genetic testing, he was diagnosed with Diastrophic Dysplasia, a rare type of dwarfism.

Now 8 years old, our son Kai is happy, healthy, and enjoying life.

The purpose of this blog is to lend support and encouragement to others in similar situations and to share the tremendous experiences we've had and will continue to have as we raise our little, little boy.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Animal Tracks

Identify the animal that made these tracks:




A. Bear    B. Kai's wet, diapered bum    C. Deer

Wearing only his diaper, Kai "helped me with the dishes this morning.  When we were done I put him down and he scooted off, leaving the above-pictured trail of water behind him.  :)

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liseli said...


You have the cutest little helper, even if he leaves weird tracks ;-)