At 26 gestational weeks, after an amniocentesis and genetic testing, he was diagnosed with Diastrophic Dysplasia, a rare type of dwarfism.

Now 8 years old, our son Kai is happy, healthy, and enjoying life.

The purpose of this blog is to lend support and encouragement to others in similar situations and to share the tremendous experiences we've had and will continue to have as we raise our little, little boy.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Pre-Haircut, Pre-Halloween pictures

This kid makes the funniest faces!

 Here he is sitting in my sewing machine box.  It was the perfectly sized "boat" for him.

 Most days he spends a significant amount of time on his "Turn" (aka bike).  He shoves his man mimi in between the handlebars and trots off as fast as he can.  He still has trouble turning (which is why he calls it his "Turn"--I frequently remind him to "Turn-turn-turn-turn!"  Yesterday, in fact, he called to me that he was stuck.  I followed the sound of his voice into the living room but I couldn't see him.  Eventually I did find him; he had ridden his bike under the sofa end table and was stuck on his bike between it and the wall.  It was so cute and funny.


Kim said...

Wow. He is just too cute for words! I love that first picture! He'll get the hang of the bike eventually and will be zipping all through the house! Happy Thanksgiving!

Nate and Stacey Stone said...

So cute! Where did you find the bike?

Chelsea Rivas said...

Stacey: I put an ad on craigslist with a picture of what I was looking for. It didn't take long from there. Then his PT took it and had it modified (took out several inches of wood from the mid-section) and Kai's been loving it ever since!