At 26 gestational weeks, after an amniocentesis and genetic testing, he was diagnosed with Diastrophic Dysplasia, a rare type of dwarfism.

Now 8 years old, our son Kai is happy, healthy, and enjoying life.

The purpose of this blog is to lend support and encouragement to others in similar situations and to share the tremendous experiences we've had and will continue to have as we raise our little, little boy.


Friday, October 16, 2009

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Kai is currently covered in spots. I'm relatively certain he's having a rare reaction to the chicken pox vaccine he got on the 5th (I have a half-memory of Kai's pediatrician telling me that he could break out in a rash up to two weeks after the shot). In the photos he's got Cortison cream slathered all over him (it didn't help).
(and yes, I am aware that one of my hairs is stuck in the lotion on his cheek. Gross, I know. I can't always be perfect.)

As bad as his little tummy looks, his back is even worse!

He has no fever or other signs of infection. But this begs an important question: are the doses of vaccine standardized and therefore too high for him? He's barely longer than an average newborn and 97% of his peers weigh more than him...I suppose I should ask his pediatrician, but in the meantime, MODs (Mothers of Dwarfs): What have your experiences been with vaccines/vaccine reactions in your LP kids?


Melissa Swartley said...

Oh my! He certainly is covered in spots! Sonya had this reaction shortly after a vaccine once... I can't remember which vaccine it was, but it turns out that she actually had a case of Roseola. I can't remember what if anything we did for it, but it looks exactly like Kai's reaction. You may want to have your pediatrician check him out. Good luck and get well soon Kai! :)

Katie said...

Oh man!! Cole has never experienced any reactions to his vaccines and we have kept him on a regular schedule. I hope you get this all sorted out and Kai isn't wanting to itch them! Poor little guy!

cassi said...

Connor had a rash that a lot of babies get called Roseola that lasted for a few days. There's nothing that can be done medicine-wise.. I think I remember him being a little fussy and running a fever for 1 day though. It just goes away and if I'm not mistaken, they can't get it again, or it's very rare if they do. Hope he's feeling ok!!! It's so hard to look at them when they are covered in those spots! Even though they don't know, it just makes you feel so bad! We miss you guys!

Jewels said...

Aiden got a rash like that after he had amoxicillin (sp?) for the first time. Allergic reaction. I hope it doesn't bother Kai too much, and he gets better soon.

Kim said...

Poor baby. Preston never had any reactions from shots. I would ask the pediatrician if he has a reaction or roseola. Hope her gets cleared up soon----but he is still so stinkin cute!

Greene Family said...

Oh no - I hope that rash isn't bothering him! Hopefully, it will clear up soon!!
Simon has not had any reactions to his vaccines. We have kept him on the regular schedule with his vaccines as well, with the exception of the MMR. It was to be given at the same time as the chicken pox at the 12 month well visit, so he got the chicken pox at 12 months and waited until the 15 month well visit for the MMR.